The Laboratory on International Law and Regulation (ILAR) explores when and why laws actually work, and looks across an array of issues from environment and energy to human rights, trade and security.

About ILAR

Among scholars, this question of when and why international laws work has triggered a lively debate that ILAR strives to help settle with better theories and evidence. For policymakers, ILAR helps craft more effective treaties to solve global problems, such as insecure energy supplies and clearing barriers to international trade of goods and services. It is located at UC San Diego's School of Global Policy and Strategy. 

ILAR in the News

April 19, 2017, David Victor’s research spotlighted in Breaking Energy, “Microgrids May Not Promulgate Renewable Energy”

April 18, 2017, David Victor quoted in BuzzFeed, “Here's Why Trump Probably Won't Ditch The Paris Climate Deal”

April 18, 2017, David Victor quoted in Vox, “Why Trump may stick with the Paris climate deal--and what it would mean if he did”

April 6, 2017, David Victor quoted in The San Diego Union-Tribune, “What's the link between nuclear power, Vietnam War, stem cell research and now climate change?” 

April 6, 2016, David Victor featured in UC San Diego News Center, “Microgrid Business Models Analyzed in UC San Diego Study”

March 30, 2017, David Victor cited in The Washington Post, “The White House's claim that the carbon emissions rule 'could cost up to $39 billion a year’”

March 28, 2017, David Victor quoted in Climate Central, “Trump moves to dismantle U.S. climate rules”

March 28, 2017, David Victor quoted in Southern California Public Radio, “What President Trump's emissions order means for SoCal”

March 22, 2017, David Victor authored article for The Washington Post, “The world's energy is getting cleaner (and cheaper)-but not quickly enough”

March 21, 2017, David Victor quoted in Los Angeles Times, “Trump's budget could help get rid of the nuclear waste along the San Onofre coastline”


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