The Laboratory on International Law and Regulation (ILAR) explores when and why laws actually work, and looks across an array of issues from environment and energy to human rights, trade and security.

About ILAR

Among scholars, this question of when and why international laws work has triggered a lively debate that ILAR strives to help settle with better theories and evidence. For policymakers, ILAR helps craft more effective treaties to solve global problems, such as insecure energy supplies and clearing barriers to international trade of goods and services. It is located at UC San Diego's School of Global Policy and Strategy. 

ILAR in the News

Aug. 3, 2017, David Victor quoted in Online News Gazette, “Fighting global warming and climate change requires a broad energy portfolio”

Aug. 3, 2017, David Victor cited in Power Magazine, “Paris Accord: Fact or Fiction?”

Aug. 2, 2017, David Victor featured on, “Prove Paris was more than paper promises”

July 30, 2017, David Victor featured in The American Interest, “Oil and Gas Innovation Goes Well Beyond Fracking”

July 26, 2017, David Victor featured on Brookings Intersections Podcast (audio), “Renewable energy and the path to a low-carbon energy future”

July 18, 2017, David Victor quoted in The New York Times, “Perry Praises ‘Clean Coal,’ but Trump Administration Policies Don’t Promote It”

July 14, 2017, David Victor quoted in Denver Post, “Can Colorado really achieve 100 percent green energy by 2040?”

July 11, 2017, David Victor cited in Live Science, “Climate Cities: Can Urban America Save Paris Agreement?”

July 8, 2017, David Victor quoted in Tri-City Herald, “Guest column: Wind and solar alone can’t meet America’s energy needs”

July 6, 2017, David Victor quoted in Washington Post, “The Energy 202: The one issue where Trump is standing up to Russia. (No, not that thing.)”

July 2, 2017, David Victor quoted in Los Angeles Times, “1,800 tons of radioactive waste has an ocean view and nowhere to go”

July 1, 2017, David Victor quoted in The San Diego Union-Tribune, “San Onofre's nuclear waste poses no special dangers, national experts say”

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