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ILAR serves as an academic hub for students with an interest in issues from environment and energy to human rights, trade and security. The lab provides students with structure to pursue careers that address the great societal challenges of the 21st century, skills to navigate research and internship opportunities, and a forum to interact with industry leaders.

GPPS 427: International Law and Regulation

Instructor: Emilie Hafner-Burton

This course will introduce students to the major techniques for managing international problems through legal and administrative regulation. The class will offer an overview of the main theories relevant to policy, such as the choice and design of treaties and other legal instruments. Cases will be drawn from economics, finance, development, security, human rights and environment.  

GPPS 430: Human Rights and International Relations

Instructor: Emilie Hafner-Burton

The course prepares students to analyze the causes of repression and the effectiveness of political intervention. Attention will focus on the evaluation of the design, implementation and effectiveness of human rights policy, including international organizations, democracy, trade and social movement advocacy.

PS 232: International Organizations

Instructors: Emilie Hafner-Burton and David Victor

This course will study various theories purporting to explain why states succeed or fall at creating institutions by international governance and what effects, if any, those institutions have.