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One of the major goals of ILAR is to promote original, timely and policy-relevant research. Through its plethora of multiyear projects, ILAR examines why international laws and regulations work in some settings but fail in others.

Rooted in the social sciences, ILAR attracts faculty and graduate students from across UC San Diego and other leading research institutions. Annually, the lab supports about a dozen graduate students, including from GPS.


In addition to its series of scholarly and policy articles, ILAR also has published two progressive new books—one on human rights, the other on global warming.

Courses and Seminars

ILAR has developed several new courses. Two of these—one in UC San Diego’s Department of Political Science and one at GPS—center on major debates and empirical research in international law.

ILAR also has developed in-depth research seminars on energy policy and on human rights, offering advanced students the opportunity to debate and discuss these issues and prepare for careers in related fields.